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Rules of Good Conduct

Every pupil must have a copy of the school hand book with him/ her and should bring it to the school every day.

English is the medium of communication in the school campus.

While moving from class to class, lab, library, play ground etc. pupil should march silently in line.

Pupils who have come late to school or have been absent  will be admitted in the class only with the permission of the principal.

Irregular attendance, frequent failure in submitting class exercise, habitual want of discipline or any sort of serious misbehaviour are sufficient reason for the dismissal of the student.

No pupil is allowed to leave the school during working hours, without the principal’s permission.

No books (other than the school books), newspaper or periodicals should be brought to school without the knowledge of the principal.

Student should neither borrow nor lend money. They should not exchange their articles.

Student should have concern for the school property. They should not damage the school furniture. Writing or drawing on the walls, scratching or spoiling the desk or chairs will invite strict punishment. They should not damage things which belong to others. They are requested to keep the school premises neat and tidy.

Playing in the class room and veranda is prohibited.

The school is not responsible for the things lost.  It is not advisable to bring valuables to school.

No student will be sent home during class hours without the written request of the parent or guardian.

Wearing the school uniform is compulsory on all class days and school functions. Pupil must come to school neat and tidy.